Inner Harmony Yoga Studio is your opportunity
    to step onto the Gentle Path to Wellness.

    The word "Yoga" means union or bringing
    together. In our busy modern lives, yoga is a way
    to bring balance to our lives, a way to bring
    healing to our stressed bodies, and peace to our
    anxious minds.

Kari Burgos, E-RYT, Director of Inner Harmony, teaches Ananda Yoga
for Higher Awareness, a healing and meditative style of yoga
that reaches far beyond the expected benefits of Hatha Yoga. Ananda
Yoga incorporates all of the main techniques and Science of Raja Yoga
as was originally intended: Pranayama (Breath Work), Hatha Yoga
Postures, Affirmations, Visualization, Deep Relaxation, Sound Therapy,
and Meditation

Being a Certified Teacher, having taught over 1000's of class hours and
registered with Yoga Alliance at the Level I-E(Experienced) -200 Hour
Level, Kari brings a wealth of experience and depth to each class and can
meet the students at just the right level. Kari takes pride and pleasure in
making each of her students feel comfortable in any posture, pampered
in deep relaxation and confident in their meditation practices. Give
yourself the Gift of Yoga and give the World the Gift of Peace.
Ananda Sources!!